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Now there’s a new range of products specifically designed for taking care of the Bike all year round. WD-40® BIKE is the result of extensive testing and development, working closely with cycling experts, to produce a product range that delivers best in class performance, ensuring cyclists have less time off the bike and more time on it!

When it comes to Cleaning, Lubrication and Protection, try WD-40® BIKE and experience the difference for yourself.

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WD40 Bike All Conditions Lube 250ML

The all conditions lube has been developed to provide excellent lubrication in all weather conditions. Its high quality PTFE formula ensures maximum lubrication for all moving parts

WD40 Bike Cleaner 1 Litre

The bike cleaner is ready to use from the bottle, and quickly cuts through dirt, oil and grime. Its fast acting formula is great on all surfaces including paintwork, plastic rubber & chrome..

WD40 Bike Degreaser 500ML

The degreaser is perfect for removing dirt, oil, grease & grime from all over the bike. Its quick drying formula works on contact and shifts dirt fast.

WD40 Bike Dry Lube 100ML

This dry lube has been developed for keeping the chain lubricated in dry & dusty conditions. Its quick drying formula leaves a protective film, providing long lasting lubrication and protection.

WD40 Bike Wet Lube 100ML

This wet lube has been developed for keeping the chain lubricated in wet conditions. It's highly resistant formula leaves a protective film to provide long lasting lubrication and outstanding protection.

WD40 Straw 250ML

WD-40 has been developed to clean, lubricate & protect